9 unusual degrees you didn’t know existed!

By doing a degree, you get very focused on your own subject and sort of forget that any other subjects exist! Recently, I spoke to an old school friend who’s brother has just started University and is doing a Business and Football Management degree. I had never heard of this degree before and it led me to think (and do a bit of research) about the type of degrees out there – and believe me, there are some that you would never dream of! Here are just a few of my favorite strange and amazing degrees on offer:

  • Baking Technology Management: learning the science behind baking and having to do modules in business management and financial organization you’ll be the owner of your own cake shop in no time!
  • The Beatles, Popular Music and Society: you can take a whole Masters course on the Beatles. This may be one of the most specific Masters courses I have found but if you love the Beatles then it’s the one for you.
  • Digital and Social Media: I’ve heard of media degrees before but this one focuses on the influence of social media too. A degree about Facebook and Twitter sounds good to me!
  • Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance: a degree on how to be in the circus. That needs no explanation… that’s just amazing!
  • Education Studies: despite Education Studies being a very common course, at Durham University you can do a module specifically on Harry Potter!! It caused a lot of controversy at the time but personally, I think it sounds wonderful.
  • Ethical Hacking: a course to teach you how to hack a computer… could be dangerous.
  • Viticulture and Oenology: this course will teach you how to make wine. It’s the only degree in the UK to offer this. Could come in handy having a friend like this on a Saturday night!
  • Brewing and Distilling: once again this course could come in useful on a night out. Different to the Viticulture and Oenology course this one teaches you how to make the perfect pint.
  • Surf Science and Technology: you need to be very sporty to complete this degree with the whole course focusing on surfing. Not a surprise that it’s offered at Cornwall College as being in the center of London could be a problem!cricket-performance-sport-university-worcester

In our own university, there are some unusual and very specific degrees! My Fellow blogger David studied a very specific degree of ‘Cricket Coaching and Management BSc (Hons)’. When speaking to David about his course, he said he has a range of responses from people asking ‘do you just play Cricket all day then?’ to ‘what a perfect degree to do if you know exactly what sport you want to work in!’.

Despite these being some of the most focused courses I have ever heard of, they do sound some of the most amazing! Do you know of any unusual degrees?