Top 5 Reasons to choose University of Worcester

Deciding where to go to university is always a hard decision – as you begin to think of the daunting three years ahead, it has to be perfect. Here are just five of my reasons for choosing the University of Worcester and what you may notice is that it was not the course that sold it to me…

  1. The size…

    This was definitely one of my top five reasons for choosing Worcester. Having fewer students in the lecture/seminar means more successful learning and one-on-one tutorials.In my course, I got plenty of time with my lecturers and meetings about assignments whenever I needed. During my dissertation period, setting up tutorials with my supervisor wasn’t at all difficult which really helped when I needed guidance.

    After all, we are here to study so the more contact time, the better!

  1. City and Country in oneWhy Worcester 3
    Worcester is a city; it has a gorgeous cathedral in the city centre! So yes, it’s a city. But, likewise to the University, it isn’t a very big city. For me only, coming from Gloucestershire which is just down the motorway, it’s almost a home from the home city. It’s not big at all, but it has all the essentials you need.Being only a small city in the Midlands means you don’t have to travel too far to find yourself in the countryside, which is the type of surroundings I’m used to. Having this city/country accessibility is definitely a good reason to come to this University if you’re interested in having the best of both worlds!

    My actual home is only 45 minutes away from Worcester and I have enjoyed being close to home which was actually a big factor when thinking about University life.

  1. Earn as you Learn
    One of the best things the University has to offer to its students is the ‘Earn as you Learn’ system. This means that while you are studying at Worcester, you can work for the University. The University offers a massive array of jobs, from a Drama Ambassador to Facilities, from University Blogger to Bar Staff.There’s plenty to do at the University and it’s definitely worthwhile. You get to meet different people in and around the University you may not have met before and it’s also well-paid!

    It’s great as you can have a few jobs for the University and the University stresses that your studies come first, which some other businesses in the city may not consider as kindly. Perfect opportunity!

  2. Societies…
    Why Worcester 2 Loco

    The University of Worcester has a lot of societies; from Football to Ultimate Frisbee, from Hockey to Harry Potter and from Musical Theatre to Doctor Who. There’s a society for everyone. AND if there isn’t a society for you, the Students’ Union can help you create your own society.Joining a society is a must at University and I’m quite gutted that I didn’t join one until my last semester of the second year. It’s such a great thing to be a part of, outside of your degree.

    You get to carry on a hobby you may have left behind at home or at college or secondary school and it’s important to have the balance between work and play.

  3. Accommodation…
    Accommodation 1 - Panorama - Cropped

    The accommodation in Worcester is definitely one of its biggest selling points, well for me it is anyway. The word “Halls” may scare a few of you along with the thought of sharing a kitchen and a bathroom, but, honestly, the halls at Worcester are lovely!I had an en-suite room in halls on City Campus in my first year and I loved it. The first few weeks was like living in a hotel with an en-suite until I had to start washing my clothes and doing the ironing!

    There are plenty of student houses in Worcester as well and if staying in halls doesn’t suit you in the first year, you can always look into sharing a house which most second and third years go on to do.

    Most of the student houses in Worcester are really nice and nothing is ever too far away here, definitely within walking distance or near a bus route! I love my student house, I’ve been able to make it my own and as homely as possible which has been very important to me!

So these were some of the things that made me come and study at Worcester. I don’t regret my decision and I would choose the same if I had to. What are the things you are considering when applying to university? Don’t forget, going to an Open Day always help. Good luck, everyone! 🙂