The Big 5 (worries!)

At first school, we all had great ideas about what we want to be when we grew up such as “mommy, I want to be an astronaut” or “daddy, I want to become a princess”.

However, we grow up and these aspirations become a part of the very distant past (although, you may still be your ‘daddy’s little princess’).

When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet and look after animals, however, it became quite clear when I grew up this was not going to happen. I was allergic to animals!

So when I was asked what I wanted to study at university, I was extremely confused and stressed.

I just simply could not decide on what course I wanted to do, I felt stressed about all my friends moving away and extremely anxious about how I would be able to afford it!

So here are a few pointers to answer some of your worries about going to university to help make life less stressful…

What course shall I study?

It’s important that you study something you will enjoy, are good at and not allergic to! Never copy what your friends do and don’t go with the ‘popular option’ as this is never a good idea. Make the right choice for you!

I ended up studying Sport & Exercise Science because I love playing all sports and I was actually good at it!

The Big 5 2

I can’t afford to go to University!

Everyone can afford to go to University, no matter their background, thanks to student finance! Universities often offer a bursary for students and you will also have a lot of spare time to take up a part time job!

I had a job as a part-time waitress whilst at university which was brilliant, as it helped me fund lots of social occasions (my mom thought it was for buying books, oops, don’t let her know this!)

I’m worried I won’t make friends!

It’s impossible not to make friends! There is always an opportunity to meet new people during fresher’s week and at lectures. There are a lot of other things to do than drinking, allowing for a chance to meet new people!

(Students love internet cats, so this may be a good conversation starting point!)

The Big 5

Do I need specific subject qualification?

Check what subjects you may need to study for your chosen course! Don’t just assume a university will or won’t accept you because you didn’t study something random like biology or geography.

Having a course specific qualification often helps, but is not essential a lot of time. Even though I studied PE at A Level, it was not a requirement for me to get onto my course!


Pick courses with grades which you feel are achievable! Don’t aim too high, as this will place too much pressure on you during the exam period. If I can get to university, then you will most definitely be able to!

If you need any advice on money issues, this Martin Lewis website is great as it tells you everything you need to know about going to university and dispels the myths surrounding student finance.

Use the University of Worcester Course Finder to help you find the right course for you and to see if you need any specific qualifications. It may put your mind at rest!