10 things you need to know about The University of Worcester

1. The University’s library, The Hive, is shared with the public. This makes it Europe’s first ever joint university/public library.

2. There are always free workshops you can attend to help with career planning and study skills.

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3. The University offers an “Earn as you learn” scheme. They frequently make part-time jobs available for students to fit around their busy schedule. There are jobs that relate to your study area and you can witness firsthand of what it’s like working in a professional environment.

4. Depending on your course, a written dissertation is optional. If you’re doing Drama, you can do a final performance project and in screenwriting you can opt to do a 90 – 120 page feature film script.


5. University can be rather stressful at times, it could be ten times worse when there’s something else in your private life hindering your educational potential. There are always highly qualified counsellors available, willing to listen and they help you out so much.

6. International students are warmly welcomed here! The students come slightly earlier, to adapt and get over the initial culture shock. The international committee makes sure they do their utmost best to make your time over here as fun as possible, by organising trips to places like Liverpool and hosting various events throughout the year.

7. The pub quiz, which is on every Tuesday evening at the SU, is a great night out. Whether you’re freshers going out with your new flatmates, or in your third year and have your own established team – It’s all light-hearted fun! You have many chances of winning various prizes like a pizza, prizes for the best team name and, of course, the winners’ prize.

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8. You can hire out a bike for a 48-hour period. For the whole year, it is only £20! Each time you borrow the bike, a helmet is included.

9. The University is a hotspot for diversity. There are so many people from all across England, Britain and the world with different beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds. There is large support at this university for disability, LGBT, ethnicity, and faith. In the Students’ Union committee, there’ll be a diversity officer which will be the primary contact.

10. Societies are useful for making new friends that are not living with you or on the same course as you. It’s also beneficial to learn something new and meet like-minded people. There are so many different ones ranging from Anime to Loco Show Co. Many people describe their society as their family. They really do have your back.