Assignments, deadlines and planning !

We’re here again – it’s coming up to assignment deadline time. At this time of year everyone’s realising that they can no longer put off those three 3000 word essays and actually need to crack on! The main thing to make sure you survive deadline time is PLANNING! Here are a few tips on staying calm whilst getting all the work done.

1)      Preparation: sitting on the sofa with everything you need to do swimming around your head is going to get you nowhere. I find it useful to write out what assignments I have to do and what date they are due in and stick this on my wall, that way I can make sure I have it in my mind what actually needs to be done.

2)      Prioritising: there’s no point in doing the 1500 word assignment due in 6 weeks when you have a 3000 one due in 2, so you need to make sure that you prioritise assignments and give each one equal amounts of time.

3)      Schedule: sitting in front of a blank Word page and expecting 3000 words to just appear isn’t going to happen, I find the best way is to do it in parts. If you plan ahead and schedule to do 500 words a day it will be done in less than a week!

4)      Balance: don’t stay up till 3am and then wake up at 8am to start the same assignment – you’ll just be exhausted and won’t be able to produce your best work. By planning ahead you should be able to have enough time to have time off from writing assignments, schedule breaks and have some time to yourself to just chill!

5)      And remember… relax! It will get done, one way or another, it will get finished. You’re not the only one in this position so you’re not alone!

I’m not pretending this is the best way for everyone to work, everyone’s different. The main thing is to find a way that works for you, and make sure you plan so that you don’t let it take over your life! GOOD LUCK.