Thoughts you have when… you submit your first assignment

Submitting your first assignment is a big deal and can be a lot different to what you’re used to. So here’s an insight on what to expect with some of the thoughts I had when I submitted my first assignment.

  • Have I missed the deadline?

It’s always worth double-checking your deadlines before you submit. University deadlines are very strict and here at Worcester it’s 3 pm. Any work submitted after that is marked as late and you have 5 days to submit it. If you do, however, it is capped at the minimum pass grade. To make sure you never miss your deadlines, write a list of the dates and tick them off as you go along!

  • Where do I even submit this?

Universities will differ in where you have to hand in your assignments. In my first year, I had to drop it into an assignment box, but now it’s all electronic submissions (so you don’t even have to leave your house!)

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  • I don’t think I’ve done the assignment right

After weeks of work, you will be ready to press submit on your assignment, but there will be a small part of you that doesn’t want to let go just yet. Your mind will start to wonder about whether the assignment question has actually been answered, whether you have actually done your best and if the work is even good enough to pass.

  • Well, I’ve tried my best…

This moment of doubt is followed by a moment of self-reassurance where you feel very confident in your abilities and the assignment you’re about to submit. However, this might not last for long!

  • It’s been submitted and there isn’t much I can do now

Once it’s been submitted, there is only one thing you can do which is sit tight and wait for your grade to be returned to you. In the meantime, why not grab yourself a cup of tea and congratulate yourself on submitting your first ever university assignment?

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Hopefully, this will help if you are worried about what to expect when you submit your first assignment. If you want to know more about what to expect when you arrive at university, look out for the next post in the series, or you can get in contact with the Graduate Ambassador team on Twitter.