Questions, Concerns and Expectations

Every individual considering going to university has at least one question, one concern and a general expectation of university. It is really important that all of your questions and concerns are answered and that you have a realistic expectation of what it will be like at the university. This blog will help to answer some of the most common questions and concerns that individuals may have.


What is it like staying in student accommodation?

accomodation roof
My accommodation roof

Not only is it a great way to kick-start your independence and start a new life experience, but it is a fantastic way of instantly meeting new people in this new world you have entered. I really enjoyed living away from home in student housing and creating a little family of my own in Worcester. You all really begin to come together and support one another which I find so important. I am still close with the people I lived with during my time at university and glad that I got to meet them.

Is student accommodation expensive?

Every University has their own accommodation prices so it is important that you do your research. Everything you need to know about the accommodation at Worcester can be found here.

Do you get to choose who you live with in halls?

Generally, you do not get to choose who you live with. If this is something you are nervous or unsure about, you are not alone. Everyone is in the same boat during their first year and will probably feel just as nervous as you. But moving into halls is a great way to meet new people with all different interests and studying different courses. In your second and third year, you can make the decision to live with who you like in student housing.

How do I apply for accommodation?

If you accept Worcester as your first choice by 1 May and apply for accommodation before 31 May you’re guaranteed a place in our University-managed accommodation.

new home

Your course and life after Graduation

Is it easy to settle into the course?

It is really easy to settle into university, there is so much help and support available to you. If you have done the correct research and chosen a subject area you enjoy, you will have no problems settling in.

Is it hard to make friends with the people on your course?

In your first week of university, you will get involved with lots of ice-breaker activities. Not only is this a fun week, but it’s a great chance to get to know the people who you will be spending the next three years with. Throughout your degree, you will work closely with your course mates in group presentations and group tasks which will also help you get to know people.

If you do a joint course (Joint Honours), can you still get a good job?

Joint honours courses are a great option as they allow you to study two subjects, which helps give you a broader knowledge and two different skill sets. They can really help set you up for future careers as well. For example, a friend completed a joint honours degree in English Language and Sports Studies as these are both subjects he loves, but it has led him on to doing Sports Journalism.

Does everyone get a job after University?

94.9% of all University of Worcester graduates are in employment or further education 6 months after graduating.


The biggest amount of questions and concerns we get are related to finance, there are so many that it is hard to give an answer to them all. The best place to find all of the answers about finance is here.

This may have answered some of your questions and will help you feel more reassured about going to university in the future. If you do have any more questions, feel free to contact the Graduate Ambassador team on their Facebook page which you can find here.