Meet Taylor Cornes

Hello, my name is Taylor and I’m currently in my second year studying Primary Initial Teacher Education (with QTS) BA (Hons). I am originally from Worcester, so you could say that I’m familiar with the city and my surroundings.


I have many roles and responsibilities at the University of Worcester including being a: StAR, Institute Rep, Student Mentor, Blogger, and a member of the Working in Partnership (WiP) group. I devote large amounts of my time to these additional opportunities in hope that it will enhance my employability, and make me a more rounded person. Through taking up these additional opportunities, I have met lots of people and I now have a vast network of friends (including members of staff) within the University of Worcester. I would strongly recommend engaging with at least one additional opportunity, as there really is something for everyone, and it could open doors for you in the future.


What do I do in the very little spare time I have?

In my spare time I like to socialise with family and friends, walk my dog, and look after my rabbits. I also love shopping, listening to music, and like most people my age, going out.

I volunteer at my local Brownie pack, and I am currently working towards my leadership qualification. I work part time every Saturday at a local pet shop, which is great as I love animals so much, but it enables me to draw on my professional development as a trainee teacher as I run kids workshops at different stages throughout the year.


You might be wondering what a typical day is like for me…

As I live on the other side of Worcester to the University, 9am lectures mean very early starts and agonising queues in rush hour traffic. Once I have battled my way across the bridge and found a space to park, you can usually find me in the canteen catching up with friends and occasionally demolishing a “Famous Five” before I head off to my first lecture.

On my course, no two days are the same, so I can have back to back lectures for 4 hours, or some days I have a few free periods dotted around. As part of my StAR/WiP/Institute Rep involvement, I have meetings throughout the week, which again are a great way of meeting new people, sharing ideas and gathering feedback about the course I am studying, and the University as a whole.


So that is me, and that is what I get up to whilst studying at the University of Worcester!

I also regularly blog for educational publisher Critical Publishing. See their website for further details!