Insight into the university life of a business student

Another week has just passed. I’ve been so busy going to classes and completing weekly tasks and assignments while at the same time, managing work, that I didn’t feel the time passing by. Even so, I’m definitely enjoying my second year and the modules I chose to take. This is what my program looks like this semester:

  1. Leadership Principles – Leadership is part of the business world and studying its theories is quite interesting, especially when doing this in a practical matter.

    We take part in activities and exercises which are made to refer to our leadership skills and then reflect upon them.2015-11-24 07.40.42

  2. Advertising – Even though I had an early assignment for this module, I believe it is one of my favorites because it’s challenging and it makes you think hard and in depth about how influential advertising really is.

    During classes, we watch several ads and analyse them, from why they’ve been put together to how they’ve been executed.

  3. Social Media – No, this module is not all about being on Facebook.  It is actually about using social media platforms in a professional manner.

    As part of the module, I have been given a Hootsuite account, thus being able to complete a certified professional qualification, which is quite cool and will be a great addition to my CV.2015-11-21 15.21.20

  4. Italian – Following Spanish last year, I decided to take up Italian this semester. I’ve always found Italian language and culture to be fascinating, probably because of its similarities with my mother language and the countless stories I’ve read about the Romans.

    That is also why doing the workload for this module is often relaxing, more like a hobby than actually school work.

All in all, I believe my modules this semester are engaging and very interesting and they also blend together quite nicely, which makes writing assignments much easier (Yaaaaaay!!).

Next semester, however, my life will be completely different…but I won’t tell you much about it just yet. Keep in touch and you’ll find out.