5 tips for finishing assignments just before Christmas

Christmas break is here finally and I’m…well, not here. I’m back home to lovely Romania, spending my first week between doctors’ appointments (mom’s order) and catching up with family and friends. But don’t go thinking that’s everything I’ll be doing…not even close. Unfortunately, even though I’ve planned on finishing all assignments and uni work before coming home, I still have loads to do until Christmas (there’s still time !!!). So if you’re like me and you don’t want to leave everything last minute, here are some tips to completing your assignments while at the same time making the most of your holidays:

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  1. Leave those TV series and Christmas movies and do something productive– I’m sure you’ve watched the Christmas Classics hundreds of times so why not use your time better and start writing first drafts for your assignments?
  2. Stop complaining about the amount of workload that you need to go through – Trust me! This is the easiest way to procrastinate and the best situation to apply the ‘talk less, do more’ policy.
  3. Be organised – I’ve said this numerous times before and I know it might turn out as very difficult during the holidays (with all the eating and the family celebrations), but try to stick to your agenda.
  4. Take breaks often– This is the secret right here. Don’t keep staring at your laptop in the hopes that inspiration will strike you. If you see you haven’t written anything in a while, that’s proof your mind needs a break. So go for a walk, prepare the traditional mince pie or watch Home Alone on TV, but try to always come back to your work and give it one more go…that’s if you really like to finish.
  5. Think of how good you’ll feel after– For me, finishing assignments earlier is ideal as it means I have time to change bits and pieces to make it better, therefore having more control over the papers. Also, I don’t have to stress about meeting the deadline at all.

So this is it, folks! I promise I’ll be back soon with my little tales from Barcelona because, guess what?…I’m going away next semester. Until then, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!