You Know You’re a Worcester Student If….

You know you’re a University of Worcester student if:

1. You have strained your vocal chords on multiple occasions at either Worcester Wolves games at University Arena, or watching one of our sports teams beat Gloucester during Varsity.


2. You have been in the Peirson Building furiously typing away on a computer or laptop well into the early hours of the morning on assignment submission day.

3. You have murdered at least one high-quality tune on a Friday night karaoke session or in a taxi on your way to town.

4. You have crossed the Sabrina Bridge countless times and still feel the need to comment on the way it shakes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


5. You have lived entirely off Smart Price products for at least a week or two before a student finance installment arrives.

6. You have trekked through hurricane-like conditions to put an assignment in your dedicated Institute Assignment Dropbox on St John’s Campus. E-submissions are life saviours.

7. You have waited in a bustling crowd of people in front of the screens in main reception waiting to see what lecture room you’re in during the first week

8. You know Berry’s. You Love Berry’s. And you frequently consume Berry’s.

9. You have genuinely considered the option that you may just have to swim to your morning lecture.

10. You have more Pizza Hut vouchers in your house than books.

I am sure all of you, Worcester students, can relate to all of these, and if you have any others to add please do get in touch! This is definitely a list we can keep adding to 🙂