What my Early Years Foundation Degree has taught me

Our Foundation student Gemma has had a great student journey and she is sharing it with us below:

It may sound cliché, but the Foundation Degree truly has changed my life. I never saw myself as an A grade student or someone who could lead, but the amazing staff on the degree inspired and unlocked a determination and potential in myself I never knew I had.

At the start of the course I thought of myself as an average student who was happy to fade into the background, but in the past year, I have delivered my own workshop at a University of Worcester Conference, spoke at the induction day to first year students, became a student representative, appointed as the Lead Student Representative for my institute’s Higher Education Review and achieved an Academic Scholarship.

I never dreamed I would have had the confidence to do the things I have done this year, but they have made me even more determined to be the best I can be. My passion for early years has grown greatly. I had my mind set on becoming a Primary School Teacher, I was certain that this was the job for me, but as I have progressed through the course, my way of thinking and seeing Early Years started to change so much, this was down to the fascinating content of the course and seeing things from a different perspective.

The course has opened my eyes to a vast array of potential careers which I never thought I could pursue such as Early Years Teacher, Children’s Centre Lead, Family Support Worker, Nursery Lead, Childminding and many more. I know that I am on the right path to realising which career is right for me.