University offers, what do I need to know now?

So the hard work is done. You’ve spent what feels like forever writing your personal statement, you’ve got your reference and now it all rests on the shoulders of your chosen universities.

Slowly but surely your offers will start coming in. As frustrating as the unknown can be, they will come in and the key thing to remember is not to panic! Some may reply sooner than others and this doesn’t necessarily mean anything advantageous.

This is the breakdown of what your offers mean:

Unconditional  – If you definitely want to go here you can decline all your other choices and confirm your place. You won’t be able to have a back-up.

Conditional – you’re in if you meet the conditions of your offer. You’ll need to decline all your other offers


Unsuccessful – unfortunately you haven’t been made an offer of a place.

su president announcement

What do I reply?

Conditional firm AND conditional insurance – this is probably the most common type of reply (this is what I made!) You’ve made a first and second choice so you’ll be in at the first if you meet the conditions. If not, you might have met the conditions of the second so you can accept a place on that course instead.

Condition firm and unconditional insurance – again, you’ve made a first and second choice – if you meet the conditions of the first you’ll be on that course. If not, you’ll definitely be on the second.

It’s important to note that you only have a maximum of two choices (firm and insurance) and you will have to decline all your other offers on UCAS Track.

There’s lots of information available on the UCAS website if you’re still unsure and it’s always okay to contact your chosen institutions directly. This is the fun part because if you’ve received a few offers, the ball is in your court. Good luck and enjoy!