The nightmare before interviews

You’ve just checked your e-mail, mail and UCAS account and surprise, surprise – there’s an invitation for you to attend an interview at the university you’ve applied for!

At first, you feel over the moon, but once you’ve realised what has just happened there is a slight tone of panic in your voice and you probably start to feel like this is going to be too hard for you. As long as you stay calm and concentrate, everything will be ok, there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of!

I’ve selected some tips for you, hoping they’ll make your life easier.

What do you have to do before the interview?

First, make sure you know when and where the interview will be held – give yourself enough time for travelling to the university (don’t forget all the traffic jams that you can get in) and remember that being on time is one of the key things when you go to the interview.

As it is an interview, you will be asked questions and the best way to start preparing for it is to read the university’s prospectus and website for details on the course and make a list of questions you would like to ask the interviewers – don’t be afraid to ask questions, you need to make sure that everything is clear, choosing a university is an important decision.


As you are the focus of the interview, make sure you’ve opened your application form and you have refreshed your memory on what you have put in it. This will be the basis of the questions, as the interviewers will want you to talk about it in detail – it is all about you!

In order to prove your keen interest in the subject, it is very helpful to read quality newspapers and professional magazines and be updated with the latest news and issues in the particular industry.

Practice makes you perfect – check if the university offers mock interviews – if yes, sign up for them. Make sure you have answers to the following questions: “Why do you want to study this course?”, “Why do you want to study at this university? What made you apply to this university”, “What do you enjoy most about the course you are enrolled at the moment?”

Ask your friends, who are also applying for undergraduate courses and check if they have already attended an interview. It is always good to share experience!

It is quite normal to feel nervous the day before the interview, but if you want to be good at the interview try not to panic and do the following things: prepare everything you are going to need – your invitation or a print out of the email, a copy of your UCAS form, your travel tickets and any notes you want to take with you.

Finally, get some good sleep the night before, because without it, you won’t do your best.


I would recommend you to check all the tips that UCAS and the University of Worcester have prepared for you on how to do well at interviews! Good luck!