Three Things I Have Learned About Myself Since Starting University

So far, the only way I can describe my time at University is like an adventure that just keeps getting better.

The many exciting things I get up to now I could have only dreamed of prior to starting University, and I am a completely different person today than I was when I first walked through the University doors.

I have learnt lots of things about myself, but I feel that the three I share with you have had the biggest impact on my life as a trainee teacher.

  1. I can talk, and be heard!

I began University as a shy “hermit-crab-like” individual with a small circle of friends. My initial thoughts when starting this chapter of my life were how big and scary the University seemed, and my opinion of myself was very low.

Now, nearly two years on, I have soared in confidence and have gradually progressed from talking to small groups of people, to large cohorts! My shy voice has turned into a loud voice, and all of these fantastic experiences I’ve had have shaped me into a confident, well-rounded person. My family cannot believe I’m the same girl!

  1. I’m a natural born leaderFullSizeRender-2

For me, growing up, my role within a team was always a contributor – never a leader. I tended to take a backseat and let someone much louder and more brash take control.

At University, I have tested the waters at being the leader through my role as a Student Academic Representative (StAR), and now an Institute Representative – and to be truthful, I think I am quite good at it, and remarkably I enjoy it!

My strongest piece of advice would be to take risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone because you could be great at something you would have never even considered attempting before.

  1. My organisation is an obsession 

I have always been organised, but since starting University, I have realised that it is to an extent that some would class as obsessive.

For me, I think there is no such thing as being too organised, especially with the career path I have chosen, but I am trying to relax and stop making so many lists about lists rather than completing whatever was on the very first list.

It is great to be organised, but I have learnt through my time at University that it can be a hindrance, and being too much of a perfectionist is a waste of energy as it is so important to learn from your mistakes and grow as an individual.

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