New beginnings – my student plans for 2016

So a new year has begun- Happy Belated New Year everyone!

As a Psychology undergraduate, this naturally brings about a period of reflection for me; what have I accomplished in 2015? What did I find the most difficult? What have I enjoyed the most? What new skills have I learnt or old that I have developed further?

So far I am most proud of myself for improving and building further on my time management skills- I was able to balance my studies and assessments, work, driving lessons and have a bit of a social life at times. I actually booked my first driving test on the 31st of December; and passed! I’m still kind of shocked that I have managed to achieve this. But it shows that I have improved and matured as a person compared to the year before. I feel I have come a long way from when I first started university as a fresher to being midway through my second year already. It’s kind of scary that I’m halfway through my course, and it sometimes feels that it was just yesterday that I started and I had little idea about how to write research reports. You can certainly say it’s been an interesting journey full of experience both good and bad.

2015-06-03 18.06.06

Which then brings me to; what are my hopes, goals, plans for 2016?

Honestly before, every year I would start off the new year with many new years’ resolutions. The only thing I pretty much achieved from last years’ resolutions that I remember is to pass my driving test. This year I decided to do things a little differently. Clearly the past couple of years of supposed new resolutions have failed to make an impact on me with the vagueness of it all; such as I want to become fit this year. So I decided to not really make resolutions from the start that haven’t been well developed and planned. So it took me two weeks but I finally have a few that I aim to accomplish at the end of this year.

In terms of university, I would like to pass the second year with great grades (A’s and B’s are the goals), and have an idea in place for my dissertation for my third year. In terms of career, try to have work experience or book it, relevant to the career I would like to have. Which means figure out what I want to do for my career for the next few years.

In terms of driving; I would like to have a pass plus under my belt and an International driving license too.

As a person; work on being less of a procrastinator, have more patience, and improve communications skills further. Additionally, I would like to become more active and healthy; so try and achieve every week at the least 2 sessions of the gym or the equivalent, and to eat at least one healthy meal each day.

In conclusion, try and make your new year’s resolutions more defined; this makes you capable of achieving them instead of putting it off for the next year. Breaking out of that terrible cycle makes you feel more focused and ready for the year coming.