My top 3 tips for Worcester Week

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the season break seemed a long time ago, and I’m sure you would love to recharge your batteries once again. Well thankfully, Worcester Week is only a few days away, here are my top tips for making the most out of those days.

  1. Worcester Week Events
    You may be tempted to use this time to catch up on the latest season on Netflix but I advise to use this time a little more…productively. Worcester Week is full of great opportunities with sessions that are not only for your specific course but you can also attend ‘open’ events so if you fancy dipping into a subject you know little or nothing about, now is your chance to find out more.
  2. Reading and organising
    Use the time that you aren’t attending events wisely! If you are stressing about the next assignment or exam, use it to do some reading or revise. You will get so much done and if you put in the time now you won’t be panicking later.
  3. Have fun
    So thirdly, unsurprisingly, make time to have fun, this is just as important as working. Sometimes you can get so bogged down with work that problems seem a lot worse than they actually are. The same goes for sleeping. If you find you’ve burnt the candle at both ends recently, catch up on sleep and do things that you find relaxing. Even if it’s just a trip into town with your friends or getting some fresh-air away from the computer screen, spending time with your friends (that isn’t just in a lecture theatre) can do wonders.


So my advice in a nutshell for Worcester Week would be:

  • Attend events that interest you,
  • Catch up on work/organise yourself,
  • Top up your sleep bank and enjoy yourself!