Five things I love about University

It is not a secret how much I love attending University, studying my course, and all the other fun and exciting things that come with it! I am truly savouring every moment of being a student before I enter the world or full-time work and teaching, so I thought this post outlining the five things I love about University would be most appropriate given that I start my third and final year in September.

  1. Seeing my friends all the time

This is quite a cliché, but my friends have made my University experience so far even better than I could have ever imagined. It is so nice studying on the same course, so being able to help each other with various tasks and assignments – and the amazing support system that I have in my friends is something that I would never take for granted. In my circle of friends, some were new people I had never met before, others were mutual friends I had heard of prior to starting University but had never spoken to and two of my friends I first met in Reception – we didn’t see each other after I left my first Primary School in Year 3, and now we are the closest we have ever been – how strange is that?!


  1. The amazing food

Food is on my mind 24/7, so I’d be lying if I said that the quality of food served at the University didn’t have an impact on my student life. I’m pretty sure that I spend equal amounts of time eating the delicious canteen food as I do in lectures, and I often leave home earlier than needed in the mornings just so I have time to get a Famous Five before my 9 am lecture.


  1. My course

I feel like an ambassador for the BA(Hons) Primary Initial Teacher Education (with QTS) course as I do not stop saying how great it is. The student experience is obviously a huge part of being at University, but at the end of the day, it is the course I am studying that I will be paying off for the next several years, so it is important that I am satisfied with it. The student voice is not only welcomed but appreciated by all within the Institute of Education, and I feel that staff and students have a great working relationship that I would label a partnership.


  1. Starbucks!

I felt completely betrayed finding out around 4 months into my first year of study that there was a Starbucks on campus – I was majorly missing out! I have been told that the Starbucks on campus is one of the cheapest in the whole country, so if that isn’t an excuse to pay it a visit, then I don’t know what is!


  1. Studying in my home city

Based on personal circumstances and the excellent reputation that the University has for teaching, I made the decision to stay in Worcester and live at home. Yes, it is amazing waking up in my own marshmallow-like bed, and not having to cook for myself, but it is also reassuring and comforting knowing my surroundings and being able to help others with their bearings.

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