Worcester Business student takes over Barcelona

Hi everyone and happy Worcester Week!

While many of you may be relaxing after a tough exams’ week and some may be making the most of the workshops and events in the Worcester Week,  I am struggling to complete the most challenging task of them all: PACKING.




For those of you who don’t know, it is part of my course to study abroad for one semester and while there was a close battle between Paris and Barcelona, I chose the Spanish option. It was a really tough decision, as I visited both cities and I fell in love with their own charms, but then…ever since I went to the Catalan capital two years ago, I’ve been thinking about going back and I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Maybe it has something to do with the tapas, the beaches, the music, the language, the flamenco…maybe.


Barcelona is for me the city that has it all. You have mountains, you have beaches and you have Gaudi’s incredible architecture. Not to mention the amazing nightlife and the hot weather! Apart from that, the partner university, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, ranks 3rd in Spanish universities, which means I will be introduced to a great environment where I will learn more about business.


But let’s get back to my impossible mission: I have to move to another country for 5 months and fit all the necessities in only 2 cases (maximum 30 kg). I can’t be the only one thinking that is impossible! So here’s what you can do if you’re ever in this position:

  1. Only take things you can’t live without – It may come across as an exaggeration, but that’s the only way to decide which clothes and shoes to choose and which ones to leave behind. Also, make sure you check the weather first as that might give you the answers to all the ‘should I take this too ?’ questions.
  2. Give it time – It might be just me, but whenever I start packing for a trip, I always end up going through my entire wardrobe and try everything on. Firstly, that’s the supreme test to see if you put on weight since you last wore that purple skirt. Secondly, there’s no better way to create the coolest outfits!20160128_092108
  3. Rolling is the key – What I’ll say next may change your life forever, so read carefully. If you want to fit more clothes into your luggage, you’ll have to roll them tightly. That’s how I did it this time and I almost managed to get all my clothes in.
  4. Avoid going shopping – It’s enough struggle you have to choose from the things you already possess. Imagine buying something new, that will automatically make things harder. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake!

So while I believe packing is a huge headache, words can’t describe how excited I am to move to Barcelona for my semester abroad. I am really looking forward to seeing the differences in culture, people and teaching techniques. And don’t worry, cause you’ll read everything about it!

Until my next post…