I’m halfway through my degree!

I cannot believe that I am officially halfway through my degree – it has flown by! My first year feels like a distant memory, and I am ready to tackle my second year.

I wanted to start my second year as organised and “on the ball” as possible, but surprisingly for me I seemed to struggle with my time management, and this resulted in more pressure and stress. So here I am, vowing to start the new year as organised and prepared as can be, and I will share my tips with you.

Second-year students on the Primary Initial Teacher Education course have all been warned of the dreaded Term 2 – full of directed study tasks, assignments and additional home-studying. In view of this, I have put all of these crucial deadline dates onto a large wall calendar, and I find it very useful to see exactly where any clusters are, and what I should be preparing for.

My second tip for the second year would be to – if you haven’t already – take up as many additional opportunities as time will allow, and really get “stuck into” the university life. There is an abundance of additional opportunities available to students, and by the time the third year arrives, it will, unfortunately, be too late as you will be busy applying for jobs and spending the majority of your time on placement.


My third and final tip (one which I think is the most important) is to take a break! It is very easy to skip time for relaxing when you are caught up in a busy lifestyle of studying and working, but you need to allow yourself time to unwind. It can be easier said than done, especially if you love keeping yourself busy like I do, but working 24/7 isn’t good for anyone. I have just returned from a lovely week-long holiday to Lanzarote, and I’m already planning more trips abroad for later on this year – and I don’t plan to do any work during my holiday.

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