3 songs that remind me of university

Music was a big part of my university experience and there are so many songs that remind me of being with friends, nights out and studying. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite ones with you…

  1. Best day of my life – American Authors

This song was played every morning when I was in the French and Swiss Alps on a mountain environments field trip in my third year. It was a truly amazing experience, and we had so much fun. Whenever I hear this song it always reminds me of singing it loudly every morning in the minibus, and the numerous happy times I had with my course friends.song blog 1.jpg

    2. Here’s to never growing up – Avril Lavigne 

During the summers of my first and second year, I worked as a ropes instructor for Camp America. This song was played almost every day at camp, as the place was all about being yourself and having fun. I found this was very much the same at university, you do become more independent and learn a lot about yourself and your course. However, there are so many opportunities to have fun and enjoy yourself, and you’ll find that coming to university isn’t just about studying and becoming a grown up!

song blog 2

    3. Never forget – Take that 

“We’ve come so far and we’ve reached so high” – this song just about sums up university; for me, it was all about challenging myself and making sure I came out with the best degree I could. This song reminds me of how close my year group were, and how much fun we had over the years.

song blog 3.jpg

So, if you could pick 3 songs that remind you of university or your life at university so far, what would choose?