Top 5 DIY Valentine’s ideas on a budget

Valentine’s Day is like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it. For those of us that love it, it can be a lot of fun, less fun when you’re struggling for ideas that won’t cost you a fortune. I’ve put together the list of my top five super affordable easy DIY gift ideas.

  1. Heart Shortbread.

Shortbread is a great bake because it is quick and easy and requires only a few basic ingredients, which makes it affordable. Flour, butter and sugar are the basics with a little salt and vanilla extract if you have some, and if you’re feeling really luxurious you can always dip the baked biscuits in a little chocolate for some extra decadence.

Here is a good recipe from the Food Network.


  1. Valentine’s Day Tumble Game

All you need for this game is a felt tip pen an old wooden block tumble tower, you may already have one, but if not they can often be found in charity shops or online for a reasonable price. What makes this special for Valentines is all the personal little messages you can write on each piece.

Here is a DIY tutorial from Tried & True.


  1. Valentines Voucher Book

This is a traditional fail-safe easy gift. Giving your loved one the things they really want from you. Be that cooking their favourite dinner, a movie night or lying in bed until noon. All you need is some paper and either a printer or some pens if you’re making your own from scratch.

Here is a printable Voucher book from Capturing Joy.


  1. A Tasteful Instagram Collage

An easy way to display those wonderful photos you love so much, a little more original than just a single framed photograph. Just print off your favourite photos, cut them into hearts, frame it and voilà!

A full tutorial is available from MPMK.


  1. Heart Paper Chain Garland

If you’re staying in for valentines, a little decoration can make everything seem so much more romantic. All you need for these adorable heart paper chains is some paper (preferably pink or red), some means of adhesion (Eg. A stapler or double-sided sticky tape) and a pair of scissors. They look really effective when finished and are super cheap!

A visual guide is available from Teach With Me.

Lovers of the heart

That’s it for my top 5 DIY valentines on a budget ideas, I hope you find a few of them interesting and let us know if you try any out!