6 Habits I’ve picked up as a student at Worcester

Being away from home for 3 years means you do pick up a few habits from the people you meet and the new city you live in. Here are 6 habits I’ve picked up during my time at Worcester

  1. A West Midland AccentBeing from Gloucestershire I do I have that ‘farmer’ twang which was mimicked a lot when I joined the University. I found it funny to hear people mimic the way I said things. “Can’t” and “half past” being the main two.

    However, I’m very perceptive to other peoples accents and the majority of the people on my course were from the West Midlands. Being in close proximity with people with the various West Midland accents I ended up saying certain words differently. Can’t for me now has an ‘r’ in it!

  2. Berry’s For Lunch!Berry’s is the sandwich/sub-cafeteria in the SU and they make the most amazing baguettes. The peri peri chicken baguette with all the salad and mayo is my favourite! It’s definitely a habit of mine that during the break of my lecture I indulge in a Berry’s baguette. Not good for my waistline!


  1. Writing everything down twice.

    I’ve always been a busy, yet organised person and always have a diary to note down what I’m doing.While at Worcester I started writing down things twice – in my diary where I write down what I’m doing and then in a separate note book on my desk in my room. Being overly organised helps to keep on top of things!
  1. Eating various pasta dishes.

    There’s more to pasta than spaghetti Bolognese is the lesson I learned as a student.I eat pasta dishes a lot and my two new favourites are bacon and courgette pasta in a creamy herb garlic sauce and black olive and chorizo pasta with green beans in a tomato and mascarpone.pasta2
  1. Less sleep

    Before University, I used to be fast asleep by at least 10 pm and up and ready for the day by 8 am at least.A habit I’ve got from being a student is my irregular sleeping pattern. Some days I’m asleep by 10 and others I’m not asleep until 1 am in the morning.
  1. Only shopping on Sunday’s

    Before being a student, I’d always be in town on a Saturday spending my money on clothes, makeup, shoes and stationary.But shops are so busy and stressful and I like my retail therapy as stress-free as possible.

    So these are some habits I’ve picked up from my student experience in Worcester. Can you think of yours? I’d love to know about them, so please share them in comments.