Tips on managing the workload

There is no denying how much of a step-up University has been for me as someone who transitioned straight from college. The level of work and the standard that it has to meet was a total shock to the system, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed and let the workload grow until it almost cripples you.

I found myself in this situation at the start of my second year of study after a lovely summer break which left me feeling totally unmotivated and quite frankly, lazy. I am going to share with you my three top tips on how I managed to beat the workload and feel less stressed.

  1. Diary

My first tip would be to get a diary and get organised. Go through the diary and write in key dates for deadlines, and any lectures you have so you can see exactly how much free time you have, and when would be the best time to study.

  1. ListsIMG_7341

Make lists and lots of them! It is so easy to forget about work you have been set, especially last-minute work, so I find writing all of the things I need to do not only into my diary, but in a list helps me to remember exactly what needs to be done; this also makes it easier to prioritise work.

  1. Be ProactiveIMG_0826

When you get given work, do it as soon as possible! I know this is easier said than done, and at the beginning of my second year, I was the biggest culprit for leaving things to the very last minute. But, it is a new year and definitely a new and proactive me! Now whenever I get given work, I tell myself “it will have to be done eventually, so you might as well get it out of the way now”.

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