Wednesday Night = Social Night

As well as studying hard for your degree, having a social life is a very important part of University life and over my three years of being a student, I can definitely vouch for that.

Societies are a big part of University life no matter what University you attend and I would definitely recommend getting involved in at least one!

Most societies at the University of Worcester are very flexible with their socials, but one main rule which applies to every society’s social (as far as I’m aware) is the theme!

Every Wednesday night, it’s almost guaranteed that every social will be doing something…whether that’s going out in fancy dress or a chilled social in watching films or a house party, most societies have activities.  I used to be part of Musical Theatre Society: Loco Show Co. and I tried and attend as many socials as possible!

Halloween Social
One of the biggest events of the University academic year is Halloween and the Wednesday before or after Halloween (depending which Wednesday is closest) all societies dress up for Halloween. I have attended every single year and even when I wasn’t in Loco, I still dressed up for the night out! Face paint is a must for the Halloween social and the scarier, the better!


Frisbee Christmas Meal
My boyfriend was in the Frisbee social and I occasionally spent my nights out with them. I attended their Christmas meal which was really good fun and I got to meet a lot of new people. Going to other socials and not just the ones your friends go to is a really good way to get to know people, especially those who aren’t on your course!


Charity Shop
The Charity Shop Social was one of my favourites by far. The aim of this social was to find a complete outfit from a charity shop. In Worcester, this is not hard at all as the whole high street is lined with charity shops! As well as it being a social, it also means giving money to good causes. There were a lot of weird and wonderful mix-matched outfits at the social, including my own, but we all had a really great time!


Shrek Social
Being a Musical Theatre Society, we sometimes celebrated our love for Musical Theatre dressing up as characters from one. We had a Shrek social and we all came as characters from Shrek and sang on the soundtrack and songs from the musical throughout the evening! I was one of the three blind mice along with two of my friends, everyone made a lot of effort and looked amazing!


After Show
As a Musical Theatre Society, there were lots of shows and after-show parties we organised. Two of the biggest, messiest nights that Loco experiences during the academic year, the Panto after-show party and the Musical after-show party. They’re both really good nights which start with awards for everyone’s efforts throughout the rehearsal process and end with Loconians dancing the night away!

Every social I went to was great fun and with lots of lovely people. Just one of the reasons to come to the University of Worcester!