It’s World Book Day!

World Book Day is definitely a highlight of March each year – a whole day celebrating the fantastic books written by equally-as-fantastic authors – what could be better?!

Whilst on holiday in Lanzarote just before Christmas, after seeing many people raving about it, I decided to read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green. Three words spring to mind when I reflect on the emotional rollercoaster ride the book took me on – beautiful, heart-warming, and funny.

Cancer is a topic that affects people of all ages all over the world and something that my family have felt the full force of recently. In ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, John Green tells a truly achingly beautiful love story between two teenagers who are dramatically torn apart by Cancer. The inspiration for his book came from when he worked as a student chaplain at a children’s hospital, and it was the optimism of those children battling illnesses that he wanted to capture in this book.


The book is now the best-selling title in the UK and has sold more than 9 million copies internationally, which speaks volumes about how great it really is, and I personally could not put it down for longer than an hour! John Green puts into perspective the reality of what so many individuals battling Cancer go through, and I have somewhat gained an insight into this upon reading his book.

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a magical love story about two individuals who refuse to be defined by their illnesses, and I strongly recommend getting your hands on a copy (just make sure you have a box of tissues to hand!).