3 tips: Where to go for a run in Worcester

Spring can’t come quickly enough and we all can (hopefully) feel it in the air. The crisp air and cheeky tiny sunrays that are warming your shoulders call for the outside run.

There is nothing better than the feeling after you finish your run and can say that you are proud of yourself.

Moreover, maybe going for a run after a dreadful afternoon lecture will boost you with positive energy.

There are exactly 3 places I usually go for an outside run, which (I can assure you) you can try and are going to love.

For those living near St. John’s Campus


There is an amazing place to go for a run or even just for a walk nearby St. John’s Campus. If you follow the Oldbury road, you will finally end up in the ideal relaxing place.

This place has it all, nature, a field with few horses behind the fences and an overview of the whole town. It is only about 20 minutes away (when running) and less than hour when walking.

See for yourself how wonderful this place looks. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to see the horses there.


If you live near the City Campus

If you don’t want to go all the way to the St. John’s there is a place near the centre definitely worth exploring.

If you follow the Worcester and Birmingham Canal all the way to the Perdishwell Park (with the Golf Course) you won’t regret. There are no steep hills as you run alongside the canal till you reach the destination, in this case, the Perdishwell Park or you can continue.

You can enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the canal, where all the houseboats are, people running just like you or seeing someone practicing golf on the Golf Course.




Somewhere in between?

Indeed, if you live somewhere in between, near the city centre or on the opposite bank of River Severn, there is the good old trail alongside the Cathedral through the Docks.

Ideal for Sunday walks, or why not to explore the docks while jogging? Watching the swans over the sunset while jogging seems ideal for me.


Hope this post has inspired you and next time when you don’t exactly know where to go for a nice outside run or just a walk you can relate to this.  Have a nice day and don’t forget to boost your exercises with an outside run!


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