You know you’re from Worcester when…

You might be reading this as a fellow local like myself – born and bred in Worcester – but for those who have moved away from home to Worcester, you should definitely be able to relate to these.

You laugh at the odd pronunciations you encounter

I have lost count of how many times I have had to correct someone when they try to pronounce “Worcester”. Various vowels and consonants magically get added, which causes much confusion, but I feel that the spelling of the word doesn’t help. Recently the term “Woo” has been used for short, and I think it could catch on.

You refer to Bushwackers as Bushies



This is the most simple way of spotting a tourist from a local, and often leaves me wondering why the name has not yet been permanently changed to ‘Bushies’. Eventually, after freshers week, it catches on that no-one in history refers to the club by its correct full name, so if you want to seem down with the crowd then remember the nickname coined by Worcester locals.

You use the river as a navigation tool




The best and most efficient way of determining where someone lives and how close they are to you is by asking which side of the river they are from. The river Severn is a truly remarkable tool, especially when directing people to various places around the city.

The closest beach is Weston-Super-Mare

It is heartbreaking that the closest beach to Worcester (and one worth travelling to) is Weston-Super-Mare. Providing you have a bunch of friends and good music to keep you entertained throughout the road trip, it doesn’t seem too much of a long journey. If you have picked a good day – and these are rare with our British weather – then you’re extremely lucky, but seeing the donkeys on the beach definitely makes up for any grey clouds that may appear.