Earn As You Learn – A job that works for you!

As I mentioned in my budgeting blog, one of the best ways to increase your income whilst at university is to get a part-time job.

I didn’t even think about working part-time in my first year as I had wrongly assumed that I would have to work in a bar, shop or restaurant on evenings and weekends.

Because I had a young daughter this was not an option for me.  Once I had settled into university and realised that I tended to complete most of my study in the evenings and on weekends I began to look for work.

I had been told about the University of Worcester Earn As You Learn Scheme.  This scheme provides 100’s of jobs every year to current students who are looking for part-time work.

The great thing about the scheme is that there is something for everyone.  There is work available on campus, in the SU, the shop and in the catering outlets.  However, there is also work at the Hive library in the city centre, work as Student Ambassadors at Open Days and other events, work as mentors in local schools and various other opportunities.

I was very lucky.  I applied for a role which was to organise a conference.  This gave me the opportunity to use my English degree and gain valuable work experience in events and marketing.

I was able to choose hours to fit around my lectures and child care arrangements.  I was also able to reduce my hours at peak assignment times and increase them over holiday periods if I wanted to.

This was great for me and meant that working alongside my degree was now a realistic option.


After this role had finished, I became involved in another project surrounding the Hive library which gave me some great research skills.

My research skills were recognised in this role and I became involved in another research project in education which led to my name being published in a journal article as a credit to my role in the research process.

I went on to work in the Hive after and helped to produce a suite of factsheets for careers advisers which are now part of the University website.

I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a University that offers such great opportunities to its students.  I learned something new from each and every one of the roles I carried out and worked with some great people.

So if you are a prospective or current student, don’t miss out. Make sure you research and apply for the EAYL opportunity that suits you and earn some extra cash at the same time as adding that valuable work experience to your CV!

However, it is important to remember that most universities recommend working no more than 16 hours a week whilst you are studying to ensure you do not compromise your study on your degree.

The Careers and Employability service at the University can give current students professional and impartial advice, but if you would like more help about future careers before you come to university contact your school careers team.