The perks of doing the Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations course

Since I started the University of Worcester,  I have always been asked why I chose the course I study and whether I would recommend it to anyone.

Therefore, I thought I would sum this up in an article. For those who don’t know yet what field of study they should choose, or are thinking about changing their course, there are some reasons why you should consider becoming a Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations student.

  • 3 in 1

What mainly sold it for me was the combination of three different yet similar subjects in one course. Basically, combining three courses gives you a complex overview of each and if wanted, by choosing right modules, everyone can get a more detailed knowledge of the specific subject.

If you are more interested in the Marketing rather than Public Relations, you can choose appropriate modules that are more related to the Marketing field. In my case, it is literally a combination of all three that I would like to pursue later after I finish the University.

As any other business degree, in your first year of study, you also have Management, Finance and Economics modules, which are compulsory, but don’t worry, even in these modules you can embrace your marketing spirit, or maybe you find yourself interested in another field.

  • Creative

As for the creativity, the combination of subjects says it all, this is a creative business degree.

You can express all your creativity if you decide to follow this course, from creating advertising campaigns, presenting PR pitches to summing up the research in reports.

However, if you lack creativity, don’t worry, it can be enhanced during the lectures, plus a rationale is always good to have in a team.

  • Study Abroad & PlacementProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

As a business student, you get a chance to study abroad for a semester (as I did, in Belgium) and you also have an opportunity to go for a placement year into a company to enhance your employability and gain some more experience. I am very glad to have been offered both of these opportunities as these can boost your CV and you will definitely gain a valuable experience.

  • City Campus


This is just an additional reason, however, I do enjoy having most of the lectures in the City Campus. First, The Hive is located almost next to it and you can easily get to the city centre within 5 minutes. Secondly, it is a smaller site, but everything is situated at one place, which is convenient.

So this is it, this is why I chose my course and why I love it. Hope you’ll make the right decision for yourself and fall in love with your course as well! Good luck!