A Student’s Guide to Complete Happiness at University

It is not difficult to be happy at University. Seriously, it’s not. But, you know, the world’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and occasionally times get tough at University just like they do everywhere else.

So, from someone who is quite possibly the most brainlessly joyful person at the University, here is my rough guide to how to be completely happy at University!

Form a Good Relationship with Your Flatmates

GuideToHappinessFlatmate2You don’t have to like them all, hell you can only like one of them if you so choose, but as long as you have at least that one rock in your flat you can rely on, your life will be so much better! 🙂

If times occasionally get tough, it’s fantastic having them just down the corridor to talk to, and when times are good, which is very often, it’s absolutely brilliant to have them there to have a laugh with!

Whether it’s pre-drinks then a night out, watching films together, listening to a bit of music and working, playing kitchen cricket (which, if security ask, I NEVER did… ), or getting the old guitar out and jamming, there are a huge amount of things you can do with your flatmates to make your life an incredibly happy and fun place!

And in the second year, you are in a house with people you choose, and it gets even better!! Here is photographic proof!! 😀


Get to Know the Local Area

When you get to University, find a partner, or even go on your own, and just go exploring. Walk into the middle of the city until you get yourself lost, then see what sort of weird and wonderful places you stumble across.

From living in the City the first year with a girlfriend who lived on campus, I really got to know both sides of the river, and from this, I have found all my favourite places and spots to go with friends in Worcester.


Once you really get familiar with all the walks and the city itself you’ll find you soon have yourself a favourite restaurant, pub, or other social places to go to with friends, and it’s nice to be able to go to these places after a busy week and just chill out 🙂

Don’t be a stranger to the city you live in!! :-).

Accept a Complete and Utter Loss of Dignity at Some Point

GuideToHappinessDignity1Yep, I said it. There will undoubtedly be at least one point in your University Life where you make a complete fool of yourself.

And I mean a complete fool. Like, really really embarrassing. Whether it’s being half asleep and stumbling through the door into your lecture head first, making a bit of a numpty of yourself on a night out, or saying something horrendously embarrassing and stupid that you always thought was normal until you got to University and met new people, there will be one moment that you will physically cringe at every time you think about it.

So what’s the best way to deal with this?

Stop caring!! Accept it and move on!! Everyone does it, we are all fools at heart, and I guarantee that your life will be a lot easier if you accept that often at University you will embarrass yourself! 🙂

You’ve got one life, with only three or four years at University in that life, so make the most of them! And accept that at times you will indeed embarrass yourself in public. A lot.

Find a Hobby

The easiest way to pass the time. Hands down. Find something you love doing, and do it.

Worcester Students’ Union has a variety of different societies and clubs you can join, from the psychology society to sports teams, to Musical Theatre, and each one of these will put you in touch with like-minded people you can have fun with.
And if you have a quirkier  or just different hobby, and none of these societies take your fancy, that’s cool too!! I guarantee there will be someone who has the same one you can chat too about it! 🙂

Prime Example of a hobby: My best buddy James and I made a film list in January. It consists of 34 films we simply have  to see. Since then, we have watched 17 of them. And the other 17 will certainly be watched before we go home in June. It’s great.


So there we go, a few key points on how to remain completely happy at University! These are only very generic points that will hopefully give you all some ideas, but I’m sure those of you who do come here, or who already are here, will find your own routes to happiness along the way.

Like I said, it’s really not hard to be happy at the University of Worcester 🙂