A trip down memory lane

Social media is often used to record what happens throughout life. Through tweets and Facebook posts, a story can be told and what better way to tell the tale of my time at university.

It began as always on results day.  I arrived home to a letter from the University of Worcester congratulating me on my place to study Psychology and I was off, my journey had begun…

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I was submersed in a world of attending lectures, making friends and writing assignments for the first couple of months. Although I struggled to begin with…

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I finally got there in the end and finished my second year, in which I had learnt the skill of time management, gained a variety of work experience and moved away from home for the first time.

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Although the time off throughout the summer was spent working and catching up with friends from home, university seemed like a long way off and with the promise of a third year just around the corner I was desperate to go back.

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In this space of time, I made my final move into my house which would be my home for the next year.

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Out of every decision I made throughout the university, I would have to say that moving into this house was the best one I ever made. Although spontaneous, my four housemates and I had the best time and I will take with me some memories that I will cherish forever.

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My third year was also time to conduct and write up the biggest project I have ever completed throughout my whole university career.

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The hard work and effort that I put into my independent study definitely paid off when I received my grade.

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This turned into the realisation that I would be leaving the house, university and all I had known for the past three years very soon.

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And then before I knew it, graduation day had arrived and my undergraduate university journey came to an end.

twitter 12But for me, it wasn’t the end of my university journey…