Cafés in Worcester worth trying!

Hello, coffee lovers! Coffee has become a part of everyday routine for many people and especially students. Why? Of course because of caffeine which for a lot of students means ENERGY, the unforgettable taste, and satisfying feeling. Here are some places to try when you finally get tired of making yourself an instant coffee at home/halls.

First and foremost, there is the Starbucks on the campus of the University of Worcester that is available for students at very affordable prices. The best about this is that it’s situated on campus, the range of coffee is almost the same and it’s cheaper! This is a double win for you if you are a fan of Starbucks coffee or the Franchise cafés in general. Apart from the coffees, they serve Panini (quick lunch ensured) and seasonal drinks from Starbucks such as the flavoured lattés.

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Secondly, if you have most of the classes in the city campus, you will find handy having the Francini Cafe de Columbia just across the street from the new Jenny Lind building. The coffee there tastes completely different than in Starbucks and you can enjoy the proper Columbian experience. Moreover, they don’t only offer coffees but smoothies, waffles and pizzas as well! Give it a try and you will easily get used to the cosy and chilled environment combined with delicious coffee.

Moving on to the next stop, a lot of people would recommend the Mac & Jac’s Café. Its location on the historic Friar Street among other cosy, family, independent and local shops gives you a hint upfront about the atmosphere in this café. You can enjoy speciality gourmet coffee or something to eat from a wide range of artisan snacks, cakes and food offered inside. Friendly atmosphere inside will allow you to rest your mind between two lectures, after a long day of school or a day spent in the library.


Stuck in the library writing assignments? No panic, there is the Café at Hive, where you can re-fill your energy by purchasing a cup of a hot coffee or drink. Moreover, if you are a student, you can get a small discount on your coffee, which is always nice for us, students, right?


Situated quite near the third café mentioned, there is the Papa’s Caffé on the New Street. This is another place that is quite popular among students, where you can purchase a good cup of coffee accompanied by a cheeky piece of cake. This café with its quite trendy interior makes it to one of the best cafés in the town.

Fortunately, there are many cafés in Worcester and it is easy to find your favourite spot, a place to relax, where you can enjoy your morning or afternoon cup of coffee and re-gain your energy.

Have you found your favourite spot yet?

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