A week in the life of the Forensic and Applied Biology students at the University of Worcester

Forensic and Applied Biology lecturers share some insights into what their students are up to.

  • On Monday the first-year students had the pleasure of a Gun Shot Residue (GSR) expert, Oli Dalby, from Cellmark Forensic Services, come in and give a lecture and case examples of GSR examination and recovery.
  • The second year students have been working in the scene house, working on their ‘Major Crime’ investigation. This year has involved the scene examination of a house where several murders have occurred.

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  • The third year students have been taking part in mock courtroom session, presenting forensic evidence, preparing for the end of year assessment, which is carried out in a courtroom environment.

All students work really hard, but it is not just all hard work at Worcester there are also social events organised by the students Forensic Society at the University. Below is a picture of our student Forensic Science team winning the union Pub Quiz.

Picture 10

Many thanks to Forensic and Applied Biology lecturers Keith and Kate who kindly shared information and photos with us. Interested in studying the course, check it on the website.