A Day in the life of a Student

Being a student, you lose that routine in your life you might have had at home, your body clock changes and you start to get used to student time, which normally means getting up later and going to bed later (providing we have no early morning lectures.)

No day is the same. Some days you have no lectures and some days you have loads, some days you get up and have a productive day and some days you don’t. SO here it goes.

  • Providing I haven’t got an early morning lecture, I tend to treat myself to a well-earned lie in, and stay in bed for a while.Normally I open my bedroom door and either all my housemates will pile in my bedroom, or we all just stay in bed and shout to each other, haha.



  • When we’re starting to feel hungry, we tend to all congregate in the kitchen and eat a meal, somewhere in between breakfast and dinner.Check out some of the recipes on the blog. Now whilst all this is going on, you will have housemates going to lectures and coming back from lectures.
  • Bit of a fight for the shower, living with 4 girls, sometimes there’s a bit of a queue
  • Get ready for the lecture, normally I do my seminar work last minute (not recommended, but it depends on how you prefer to work) and then off to University.
  • SO I sit through my 3-hour lecture and seminar, brain filled with more information and then wander back home.
  • Normally this will be around 5ish, the whole house will be sat in the living room, chatting about each other’s days and debating if we should go out or not
  • We’re going out so it’s all go, people queuing for the shower again, loads of us in the kitchen lining our stomach before going out.
  • As one of the girls, we normally spend another hour or so dancing around and putting our make-up on. The boys normally give us a set time to be ready for.fwelihfdiugb
  • We’re all ready. Have a few friends over, play a few games and just generally have a lot of fun, as the day’s about to end, we head out to town and have a good time together.

Not every day is like this, and we really don’t go out all the time (expect at Freshers) . And there are days where we’re sat in all day working hard to do our assignments.

You can’t really say to someone what to expect at university, as it’s what you make of it. But if you get the right mix of working and playing, you’ll have a great time.