Too late for spring detox? I don’t think so!

Spring is the time of detoxes and cleanse. It doesn’t necessarily have to be linked with drinking green juices and keeping your apartment clean, however, it usually is.

Students tend to have a messy lifestyle, noodles and pizza, lots of soda, no time for cooking or cleaning while doing the assignments…it gets too much sometimes!

So, here are some tips to be a pro at the spring cleanse…as much as you can…

Clean your apartment.

One of the first things to do when starting a detox should be organising your stuff and trying to keep your place clean and tidy.

It is proven that working in a neat and organised environment will increase the effectiveness of your work.

So whether it is doing your assignments or preparation for a lecture, both will be more effective in when done in an organised and clean environment. There will be fewer disturbances in the room so you can fully focus on the task.

Or if you really are not a huge fan of cleaning, then at least put away all the additional stuff into your wardrobe so it isn’t piled up on your table.

One apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Add some greens to your diet. As mentioned above, simple as it sounds, add just one apple, some fruits or preferably a green smoothie among your meals and it would boost you with energy, clean your metabolism and add you necessary vitamins!

Don’t forget to upgrade your shopping list. Always make sure you make a note of all the vegetables and fruits you want to buy before going to the shop as it is very easy to get distracted by all the unhealthy and cheap products while shopping (we all have been through that, right?).


Cut down on phone and computer

It would not only help you when trying to concentrate on working on your assignments, but can also improve your sleep (proven). Speaking to all the phone addicts: less time on the phone, engrossed in the virtual world, more time enjoying the beautiful things around us!

Speaking to all the phone addicts: less time on the phone, engrossed in the virtual world, more time enjoying the beautiful things around us!

Move. Move. Move.

Since the University offers many sports activities, societies and facilities, it is very easy to get going with this one. You can easily sign up and start using the gym on the campus.


It is very important to relax and regain your energy. You can take a nap, go for a walk, watch a movie, go for a run, read a book or whatever seems right to you.

We are students and can’t spend every weekend in a spa hotel, so finding your ways of relaxing is important.

Change your recipes


The least you can do for your health is to add some greens into your favourite recipes.

For instance, you can add and mix leaves of spinach into your savoury pancakes (or crepés) batter it to make them more interesting and tasty!

There are many healthier options of your favourite recipes available on the Internet, and most of them will taste even better. Healthy and tasty = no guilt after you indulge in all the yummy stuff!

Hope your detox/cleanse goes well. Do you have tips? Share them with me!


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