6 Unexpectedly Entertaining Things to do as a Worcester University Student

The average University of Worcester student, teachers and nurses aside, spends between 8 and 16 hours in lectures a week.

This leaves A LOT of free time. You may want to fill some of this time with a bit of extra reading or assignment work… You may also use this time to get a part-time job.

Very beneficial, very handy to bring some money in, and you may even make some intriguing observations as you work!

However, even with all these important, guilt-removing activities being taken into consideration, you will still find yourself wondering what on earth to do with yourself from time to time.

Here is a list of  six of my favourite things to do as a University of Worcester student:

1. Pear Tree Karaoke – Friday Nights

Oh yeah. I went there. Karaoke. But this is not Karaoke as you know it from your holidays to Majorca with the family back in the day.

This is a bunch of incredibly entertaining, usually completely diabolical students, gathering in the pear tree, having a few drinks with their friends, and delivering heartwarmingly atrocious renditions of everything from Spice Girls to Five, to Frank Sinatra.

Cheap evening/night out with your friends, and a really good laugh.

Oh, and here’s a video of me, my housemate Tipa, and fellow blogger C-Lo murdering a Bob Dylan classic!

2. Riley’s

Riley’s Bar and Snooker Club, just a few minutes walk away from Shrub Hill Station and ASDA, is brilliant for a few cheap games of pool with a friend, or group of friends!

You can become a student member and pay reduced rates for any pool table there. On top of this, they also show live sports and have snooker tables as well. It’s pretty good fun!

3. Bowling!


It’s been a children’s birthday party stalwart since we were all little, and it is certainly going strong in Worcester still!

MFA Bowl just off of Bromyard Road in St John’s is where you can go for bowling, and although cheesy and old school, it is still a very entertaining way of spending some social time with your friends!

4. Worcester Wolves Games

I’ve mentioned them before, and I have absolutely no shame in mentioning them again! When the Wolves are in town on a Friday night, there is no better place to be in the city!

Live professional sports and a guaranteed couple of hours of adrenaline rushing entertainment. What’s not to love?

5. Picnics and Fun at Cripplegate Park!

Cripplegate Park is a lovely place to just hang out with your friends in the sun.c

Last Summer my flatmates and I made a habit of going to Cripplegate Park and having picnics, playing a bit of cricket, and just generally enjoying a bit of warm weather, and it certainly passed the time well, without costing us much at all!

6. Productions at Malvern Theatre

If you or any of your friends or flatmates have a car, be sure to check out all the different productions that are put on at Malvern Theatre, as it is a lovely way to spend an evening taking your mind off of work in a completely different environment!

So there we have it! A list of 6 entertaining but cheap things I hope you all use wisely to fill your free time at University! Enjoy!