Are you about to travel abroad? Don’t plan without these!

It’s summer which means it’s time for some travelling!  The sunny weather is asking for it itself but since we all are students (usually on a budget haha #studentlife) we can only afford going to certain places. There is a list of websites and applications that will make your life easier and happier as for traveling!

First things first…

Unless you going to the neighboring village, you first need to buy a flight, train or bus ticket.

Ryanair offers probably the most student-friendly deals (also, one cabin luggage is included in the price) and if not traveling in the holiday season, very cheap flights can be found!

Once, my friends and me flew to Dublin from Birmingham and back for just  £10. Moreover, Ryanair flies from the Birmingham International airport, which makes it really comfortable to reach from Worcester!

If you are not a fan of airplanes (or are scared), buses or trains are the option for you! Did you know that Megabus (which leaves from the Birmingham bus station) also goes to Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, and to many more destinations across Europe?

Furthermore, with such low prices, it would be a sin not to at least try to travel by Megabus once. The tickets can be purchased even from £1 if searched in advance.


Finding an accommodation? Not always a nightmare!

Not everyone can afford spending hundreds of pounds for a half decent place to stay.

Fortunately, there are two….three, actually better solutions. The third option in this case was simply finding a cheap hostel, which is always better than spending fortune for a stay in a hotel.

However, hostel isn’t what I meant in the first place. Hopefully, you have already heard of Airbnb or Couchsurfing where an alternative to hotel/hostel accommodation can be found.

Via Airbnb you can rent someone’s flat/room/house at more affordable prices and even can have the whole place for yourself. There are many options as for the location, price, room number and nights spent and I believe everyone can find what suit their preferences.

Couchsurfing, however, is for the bolder ones. On that website people can host you and you can host them. I have tried both aforementioned options and can definitely recommend them, however, Airbnb is a bit safer as you can never know who the person hosting you is.

Even though you can choose depending on host’s references and verification and I have only experienced great stays, which I am thankful for!


Never get lost again!

I can assure this app is what you need to have when traveling. Not only it is for free, it can also be…wait for it… used offline!  This miracle app is called Ulmon and is available both for iOS and Android.

You can easily download a map of the city you are going to visit in advance and then use it offline (I reckon we all hate finding Starbucks and connecting to a wi-fi there, haha).

It shows you your position and therefore can show you for instance nearby restaurants, cash machines or hostels.

These apps and website should make your traveling easier and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time for unnecessary matters. Let me know if there are other similar apps or websites you are aware of! Good luck on your adventures!

Forever-adventurous Michaela xx

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