I was scared to move away to university, but it was the best decision I’ve made…

Education Studies student, Holly, writes about why moving away to university was the best decision she has made.

Moving away to university was always a scary concept, having only ever been away from home for 3 days I wasn’t quite sure how I’d cope fending for myself.

Unlike many people in the same boat as me I was already cooked, cleaned and did my own washing at home so this took away some of the worries.

The main thing I was scared about was meeting new people and living with people I did not know for a year; I was also worried I wouldn’t like the accommodation as I never got a chance to look around the accommodation beforehand (I definitely recommend taking an accommodation tour on an open day if you have the opportunity to do so).


As it got closer to the moving in date I nearly talked myself out of moving out quite a few times but when the day did come I was more excited than ever at the prospect of starting a new chapter of my life.

When I first went into my accommodation I was pleasantly surprised, my room was clean, spacious and had plenty of storage, it was nothing like the horror stories of university accommodation I had read about online.


Soon after moving in, I met the 5 people I would spend the rest of the year living with.

As the first week went on, I soon realised I made the right decision by moving away from home, I loved my new sense of freedom and the independence that came with it.

It was a little hard at first getting used to living with people I did not know, but we soon got to know each other more and became a little family.

Now at the end of my second year, I look back and do not regret my decision to move away from home. I feel if I stayed at home university would have been a totally different experience for me. 

I would say to any prospective students to least try to live away from home even if you try it for the first year and move back home because you do not feel it is right for you.

My time in university halls is a memory I will treasure forever.