Why I chose Psychology.

The world is made up of 7 billion people with the power to make or break society, therefore, the most important topic area you could ever study is these people. When someone asks me what Psychology is I tell them it is the science of the most complex machine on this planet, the mind.

I originally was interested in studying Psychology as you gain an understanding of how people work. Everyone sits and watches people in cafes or at the airport and this is just a basic form of psychological observation -we’re all doing it each and every day!

Psychology gives us the ability to tap into our brains and understand why we make certain decisions, what causes us to conform, how we differ from one another etc.

When I started my Psychology course at the University of Worcester, I was excited to meet my new lecturers, academics who specialise in a range of fields. They are so enthusiastic about their work and it’s infectious and motivating!

Assignments are always a worry for new students, and psychology does have a lot of them but you get a lot of support so you can complete them in time.

The modules on the course range across the whole of psychology from neuropsychology to clinical psychology including many others.

The course was much more varied than I had anticipated so I have discovered areas of psychology I didn’t even know existed.

For example, I began my course expecting Developmental Psychology to be my favourite area of study, but through different modules I have discovered the area of Forensic Psychology which is the study of the criminal minds which fascinates me!

The one thing that worried me about studying at University was the prospect of sitting in hours and hours of lectures with no practical hands-on experience, but studying Psychology allows you to get those hands on learning opportunities by helping third years in their Independent Study.

I have had the opportunity to work with eye-tracking software, facial recognition tasks, interviews etc which really brings your studies to life as you can see your theory work in a real world environment!

So, in general, the top reasons why I think you should choose Psychology at the University of Worcester are:

  •  Enthusiastic staff
  •  Varied modules
  •  The ability to study the human mind
  •  The opportunity to study new and exciting topics
  •  Hands-on learning opportunities

Psychology has always fascinated me but studying it at degree level was the best thing I ever did as every lecture opens up a whole new area of the mind!