Hello, everyone! June is finally here and I believe we all are thinking about one thing, one thing only. BARBECUE! Before you get too hungry, let me share with you some observations and tips regarding having the perfect barbecue.

The perfect barbecue definitely needs a sunny weather, however, don’t for forget that we are in the UK after all. Therefore, before planning a BBQ party, you should certainly have a quick look at the weather forecast. If there is the possibility of having the barbecue somewhere under a roof, or in a garden with a shelter, do not hesitate and make use of that since you never know when it can start raining in the UK, right? My friends and

My friends and I underestimated the weather and ended up trying to save the food on the grill with an umbrella (wasn’t that successful but we ate it anyway haha). So make sure you do the most to avoid this happening.

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On the other hand, if the sun is shining and there is no rains forecast, you should preferably move the barbecue into a park or garden and enjoy the sun to the maximum! Sit down on a grass, absorb the sun rays and inhale the smell of a grill and fire. Bring some music, games and most importantly an entertaining and enjoyable company.

The first things you need in order to have a barbecue party are (surprise!) the food and the grill. If anyone from the party doesn’t own a proper grill, the disposable grill can be bought in any supermarket and works just perfectly for spontaneous BBQ parties.

As for the food, if you aren’t a vegetarian, you can either buy ready barbecue meat or prepare something yourself. As for the vegetarian options, there is a wide range of grill-friendly products and alternatives in the supermarkets as well, so don’t you worry (I bet you already know that anyway). One tip is to the step up the BBQ game try to make homemade dips, drinks and side dishes. Ideally, everyone from the party brings something, however, you can always do the little extra and pleasantly surprise your

One tip is to the step up the BBQ game try to make homemade dips, drinks and side dishes. Ideally, everyone brings something, however, I like to impress my friends with a little surprise.  If you’re thinking the same, you can try the homemade garlic, herb, curry, exotic and healthy dips. All the recipes are easy (trust me) and student budget-friendly. Simply search the internet and be creative!


 I hope all the tempting pictures have encouraged you to soon throw your own BBQ party to officially begin the summer season! If you have some tips and tricks as for the ideal BBQ party yourself, please share them with me! Enjoy the sun, talk to you soon!

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