How to effectively pack your University room?

This academic year has come to an end and there are a lot of responsibilities to take care of and things that need to be sorted out.

One of these can include moving out from the University’s residence into a house or generally finding another type of accommodation. This will probably mainly affect first-year students or internationals that have been living in the University’s accommodation. I have concluded few tips on how to effectively pack your whole room and one year into few boxes and suitcases.

I understand it can be hard to pack one year of your memories, existence and stuff into few bags and boxes, however, we all need to move on and leave the emotional part behind when it comes to packing and moving (even thought we all mourn and start being sentimental when packing, or at least I do).  So let’s get to it!

Create a system

It is really helpful to create some kind of a system while trying to clean up and move out from your room.

Firstly, you can start with the desk and store all your stationary, books and papers into one of the boxes (which you should have already had, otherwise you can try to find some – for instance outside the cafeteria on St. John’s Campus in the box container).

After that, you can start with all the clothes and shoes and the bedsheets, the notice board and you can finish with the sink and your toilet table.

Or the other way around, but I believe it is more efficient if you divide the stuff into categories, which can result in then being easier when unpacking.

After you finish packing up your room, don’t forget to pack the kitchen and bathroom. As for the kitchen, make sure you don’t forget anything because we all know how things get lost in the common kitchens, haha.

Combine it with cleaning your wardrobe

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a chance to clear your wardrobe from the clothes you aren’t wearing or don’t suit you anymore.

Usually, we leave the clothes on the bottom of the shelf and forget about them when we search for something to wear in the wardrobe.

So, finally, you can decide whether to keep those items of you put them in the box and do a little cleanse. All the unwanted pieces can either be given to your friends or to a charity, sold or put into a textile container, however, do not throw anything away, because a lot of people could use your unwanted clothes (if still in a relatively good shape).

The same for the kitchen equipment and your supplies of food, every charity or homeless people would definitely appreciate your donation.


Clean, clean and clean.

After all the packing is done, it is time to clean your room alongside with kitchen and bathroom. You want to leave the room in the same shape you received it initially, therefore, make sure you clean all the surfaces, vacuum the floor and mop, take all the rubbish out and leave the walls and shelves clean.

You can ask your friends to help you to make it more fun and quicker. I know it’s hard to leave the place you called home for a whole year, however, we all need to move on and learn how to say goodbyes to stages of our lives and just store the memories.

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