Reinventing yourself at University

Starting afresh at University doesn’t need to involve a drastic change, and by no means am I going to suggest changing your hair colour or buying a completely new wardrobe.

However, University offers individuals a unique and rare opportunity to reinvent themselves, and this must not be taken for granted or overlooked.

When starting University, the slate – which for some might consist of bad experiences in previous education, family worries, money concerns and general battles with everyday life – gets wiped clean. You are suddenly thrown into a new environment on your first day, surrounded by new people, and this can leave some feeling uneasy. I see University as the perfect opportunity to forget about all the previous struggles you may have faced, and start again.


For me, starting University was somewhat a euphoric moment. My A-Levels were done with, the grades on those pieces of paper called certificates instantly didn’t matter anymore, and I was embarking on a new journey. When you start to see your University experience as an adventure, it doesn’t seem so frightening anymore.

University allows you to experiment, explore, network, and create the best version of yourself. The skills that you may have gained in previous education and employment are not totally useless, but you may have to develop them or use them in a  way that you have not yet tried before.


Starting University is essentially entering into the unknown, but you don’t know what you don’t know. So, don’t let nerves jeopardise your moments to shine, and certainly do not allow negative energy from things that have happened in the past to enter your present-day life. Live for the moment, the years are going to fly!