The guide to getting a Summer Job!

Wondering what on earth you will do during the summer months? Wondering how you will afford all of the wonderful things that you want to do before University in September?

Yeah… me too.

I have enough family to occupy myself most days and I will of course see my home friends, and meet up with my Uni friends.. and luckily, I have a holiday booked. BUT, if you’re like me, and your funds are cut short over the summer because Student Finance has stopped.. I hate to say… but it’s time we got a summer job.
For trainee teachers it’s can be a little more difficult to get a summer job because the course finishes a month later than the others, (at Worcester anyway.) I’ve found that this means most of the summer vacancies have already been filled by the time we get home, and the jobs have already began.

 Start early.

It’s slightlyyyyy hypocritical of me to say this. I never followed this tip because although I loved the idea of a summer job, I didn’t consider getting one until I got home. The sudden realisation that I really should get one meant that I had to rush around applying the second my summer break started. Hopefully if you start early, you’ll have more choice and a better chance!

-tip two…  Indeed website 

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 13.57.15

This website (or phone app) is seriously useful for finding available jobs in your area. Instead of just aimlessly wandering around your nearest town waiting for someone to hire you.. it’ll give specific companies that are looking for staff and help you narrow down your search. A lot of the applications can be done online aswell.. bonus!

Go CV mad.

I’m aware that this kind of contradicts my previous point about wandering… but what I did AFTER I researched jobs online, was print out a load of CV’s. I walked around the nearest towns and villages and went into all of the little places that I liked the look of.

Most of the time, the small businesses won’t be advertising online, but might be grateful for an extra pair of hands. I found some lovely nearby shops that have available vacancies that hadn’t advertised for staff anywhere.

Summer, Summer, Summer!

The big key word. Where is busier in the summer? After all, you’re looking for a seasonal job, so look for the places that you know will benefit from more staff when the Schools finish for the year.

Maybe your local shops, definitely the pubs and little cafes and of course, the local attractions. For my hometown in Warwick, the most common attractions to work at as a student are Warwick Castle (where my little bro has just got a job…)  and Hatton Country World (where I had an absolute blast working a few years ago!) These are just two examples of the places that become packed during the school holidays.

Hatton Country World

As it’s only just got into the summer months, I hope you will have a productive job hunting.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of you, good luck!

*photo banner courtesy of Warwick Castle