The best and worse advice about student life

Before you start university, you will have people throwing advice at you about how to handle student life. The advice comes from all sorts of people; parents, older siblings, cousins and friends.The problem is not all advice is good. This blog outlines some of the best and the worse advice.

“You should always budget your money” – this is some of the best advice any student should take. Budgeting is key to living stress free at university.

You suddenly have to start paying for all these things you haven’t had to before – rent, electricity, gas, groceries and they’re only the essential things. You also have: nights out, shopping, meals out, phone contracts and the list goes on.

Ensuring you budget your money effectively means you can treat yourself to that pretty new dress or them must-have shoes. Write down all the bills you have to pay and budget for them each month.


“Go out every night in first year, it doesn’t count!” – while yes first year is the time to enjoy yourself and meet new people, this is one of the worse pieces of advice a student could take.

First year does not count to your overall degree classification, this means some students do not take first year seriously, but, in fact, first year does not count towards classification because it is the opportunity to get a grip on studying at a higher level and to determine that work and social life balance.

It’s the time to make mistakes with things such as referencing to ensure it is perfect for when it really counts. First year is overwhelming with social events, themed nights, sports and society events, but it’s also important to take it seriously.


I had my fair share of nights out in first year but, I never let it affect my studies.

Best advice

  • Leave your dorm door open when you move in – shows you are open to meeting new people
  • Visit home when homesick – it’s ok to miss home, visiting family will make you feel better or if it’s too far, just give them a call
  • Put yourself out there
  • Join a sport or society
  • Make time for yourself

Worse advice

  • Live in your overdraft
  • Be what others want you to be – No, always be yourself!
  • Rush into finding a house for 2nd and 3rd year
  • Student loan is free money, take all you can get – remember it has to be paid back
  • Sign up for everything and anything – it will become stressful and affect your studies