Things To Do In Worcester When You’re bored

Moving to a new place is exciting because every place has its hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. If you find yourself with some free time now in Worcester, here are a few things you could do.

  • Geocaching: Despite being a small-ish city, Worcester is home to quite a few geocaches.Geocaching is a sort of global game where you find geocaches using geographic coordinates (for a SatNav or phone) and clues.

    Finding a few of these might make for a fun afternoon.

  • Walking the canal: Did you know there’s a canal that runs between Worcester and Birmingham? Aptly enough, it’s called the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.Most of the canal also has a footpath running alongside it, making for an excellent walking or bike trip (though probably not all the way to Birmingham).
  • Museum circuit: Worcester is home to some excellent museums and historical attractions. Here are a few I’ve been to or heard were really good:

There are many other things you could do in Worcester, not even mentioning all the restaurants, pubs and bars you could go to.

What are your favorite things to do in Worcester? Let me know in a comment!