Concluding Erasmus- what can Erasmus experience bring you?

On the 17th of June, I had my last exam and along with the last goodbyes, my Erasmus experience finished. We’ve received the final results, so now we can finally start enjoying the long-awaited summer (especially since in Leuven, Belgium, I haven’t seen proper sun in almost 5 month…similar to England, I think).

Going on Erasmus was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I haven’t regretted that ever since (I bet all the Erasmers say that though, so there must be something about that). It was an amazing experience and it has helped me develop in so many ways.

Here’s why I think Erasmus will be a great choice for you too:


Having a chance to study in different country will extend your current knowledge, will add a new perspective maybe to already-known  subjects and will enrich your academic background.

You can also experience different types of education systems,  how the same subject is taught in different country and compare that. This can help you in the future when applying for a job or Postgraduate studies.




During your semester abroad, you will definitely find yourself in the international environment among local students and fellow Erasmers.

Certainly, you will find out about other cultures, experience traditions and local cuisine or food from other countries at what we call “international dinners” (because everything is easier when food is on the table).

Making friends from other countries brings a lot of perks – you can learn the language, eat lovely food and visit them later (free accommodation!!!)




Many students gone on an Erasmus programme said they changed a lot during the experience.

Thanks to spending 4 or 5 months abroad, you will develop your communication skills, interpersonal skills or team spirit.

Your language skills will improve significantly and you may impress your friends with some phrases in a new language. I recommend you to take some classes of the language they speak in the country you spend your semester since it can always turn out helpful.

This experience will leave some marks on you and will, of course, boost your CV and employability.



The last moments with your new friends and the goodbyes are the hardest, but after all, you’ve made so many amazing memories –  traveling, studying, friends, events, places and exploring and this is what Erasmus is about.

Enjoy every second of it!

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