5 reasons why I love being a Business student

Hello, everyone! As you already know, I’m a business student. In this post, I thought I should share with you my 5 reasons why I enjoy my course so much.

  1. You learn a bit about everything 

    Business includes Marketing, Advertising, Economics, Finance, Public Relations etc. In my first year, I had to establish the basis, so I had mandatory modules such as Economics and Finance.

    I am not a numbers person, so I found them quite challenging (let’s just say you won’t be seeing me giving any financial advice), but I have to admit I’ve learnt a lot.

    It’s impossible to go through a business degree without knowing, at least, some financial terms.

    Business also includes Management, and during the first year of my course, I had to organize an event for children with special needs, which meant working within a team, coming up with solutions to different problems and reaching out to companies for donations.

    All these made me considerably more confident.

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  2. You know everyoneWorcester Business School is based in the City Campus which is about a 20-minute walk from the University St. John’s campus.

    Looking back, I remember being afraid about not knowing anyone there, but now I realize how wrong I was.

    As an international student, I know how important it is to make friends, as it makes accommodating to a new country easier.

    So I’m glad to say interacting with other business students was easy, as we all tended to be in the same place.

    It’s been a while since we worked together, but I still meet with my Marketing Team on the corridors and catch up. We also go bowling (it’s tradition!).

  3. Opportunities are everywhereThere is always something happening in the world of a Business student, either a competition or an important talk, or the many events organised during Future Week.

    This means you don’t have any chances to get bored, as you’ll be on your toes at all times. Also, you can easily get involved in something that will enrich your CV.


4. You can study abroad

As you probably know, I went to Barcelona for a semester, at one of the best Spanish universities (read my Erasmus posts for more insights). Any business student can apply for a semester abroad and trust me, it’s a great opportunity!

5. You can go on a work placement

Next week I will be starting my one-year placement and I’m super excited about it. I’ve already done some online training and I like it so far.

Luckily, Worcester Business School helped me with the application process, as they send out emails with placement opportunities and advice on how to be successful at interviews.


There are many more reasons why being a Business student is awesome and I’m inviting my fellow course mates to share their reasons too.