Bored during summer? Never!

I can’t believe we are more than half way through the summer!

Most of us, hardworking students (wink, wink) deserve at least some time off during the summer; therefore, vacations are a perfect choice! But let’s broaden our horizons! Here are some advice on what else can be done during the summer for those of you lacking inspiration.

Summer is without any doubt the season of festivals. Depending on your music preference you can definitely find the one that would suit your style.

If you can’t afford to attend, you can also try to get involved with the organization of a festival, which usually comes with free access to the event. You can enjoy the music and help by volunteering, which is always a great CV booster!

If you are staying in your home city/country and are planning to simply stay at home and re-gain the energy that was lost during the academic period, you can still do loads. For instance, you can help in the local pet shelter or in any charitable organization They always need help and you get that satisfaction that you did a good deed. This also looks great on your CV (we have to think about our future after all, haha).


Finally, you can use your summer for working and earning some pocket money. Either it is helping in your family’s business, working as a waiter/waitress or in a retail, remember- any kind of job is always an experience (bad or good, any kind).

If you have a part-time job in Worcester during the academic year, why not continuing working there at least for a month and then use the money however you like or save it for later?

Hopefully, all of you will have the summer of your life, one that you can remember for a long time!

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