University, a coming of age for students

Going to university is a valuable, important step in one’s life, a rite of passage where young students make their way into the real world and transition to adulthood.

Looking back to the beginning, I am amazed to see just how much I have changed. My time at university has taught me a lot and I haven’t even finished my degree.


First of all, I learnt how to be independent. It was during my first year when I got my first job as a student ambassador and later on as a shopping assistant at a shoe store in town.

I learned to understand what financial responsibility means and how important it is to carefully watch your spending.

Not to mention the leaving on my own, away from my family. That was probably the hardest decision that I had to make…but hey ho, we all need to leave the nest at some point, right?

Being a student also helped me develop many skills, from self-motivation and time management to how to change a light bulb and get rid of a spider fearlessly  (we all have to do that sometimes!).

I learnt how to  work in teams effectively, to communicate with people better and present my ideas to others with confidence. These skills are what employers seek and will definitely help me in my future career.


Lastly, going to university can throw a lot of opportunities your way. In my case, it was being able to work as a student ambassador at corporate events and open days, getting to represent the university and seeing how the real world works.

Another opportunity was going on my Erasmus exchange in Barcelona, which, as I mentioned in my last posts, was an experience that changed my perceptions of things and helped me discover other cultures and traditions.

All in all, university is a building experience…you build relationships which, further down the road, can be of use and you start building your career and adding pillars of knowledge for the person you want to become.